NEWS, March 2013: The new site is basically done, but I’ve been absurdly busy and therefore haven’t implemented it. I moved to San Francisco; started working way too many hours as a social media consultant; and I’ve been dating a man I really really like. Thanks to everyone who has sent notes inquiring about how I’m doing. Things are stressful and great, and I will update you all on my upcoming writing projects as soon as I can.


Hi everyone!

I surface from my blogging-break to let you all know that I am redesigning Right now, you’re looking at the old site; I’m asking for feedback about the old site because if anyone has strong opinions about the old site, I can fix those problems when I unveil the new site.

Most of the big stuff is done, but if you have strong preferences or pet peeves about the current site, please let me know in the comments or contact me otherwise.

Thank you! I hope you all had wonderful holidays.