I have two very different tales to tell you today! One is fantastical and folkloric; the other is contemporary and romantic; and I’m really happy about both of them.

For a limited time, you can download my new mythic fantasy short story “The End Of An Age” for free:

(You can also get it on Amazon, but unfortunately they’re making me charge 99¢ for it there.)


In the time of myth, gods and demons walk the world. Exquisite Sita, wife of heroic Prince Rama, is kidnapped by the Demon Prince Ravana and held in his mercurial mirrored Demon City. Her husband wages an epic war to win her back … but will he want her when he finds her? In this short story, feminist writer Clarisse Thorn has created a unique retelling of a Southeast Asian legend: The Ramayana.

And …

My long-awaited erotic romance Switch Seductress is also now available for only $2.99!

(Switch Seductress can be found both at the above Amazon link, and in every other ebook format at Smashwords.)


Kara, a beautiful escort-turned-history-professor, has married the man of her dreams. He’s an ethical, dedicated activist who loves to torture her sweetly — and loves ordering her to seduce and destroy his political enemies from Corporate America. But Kara is falling for one handsome corporate target. Can she keep her hot dominant husband, her hot submissive lover, and stick it to the Man?

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